Light Tower Rentals

C&G Energy Services offers a variety of options for portable lighting solutions. All units are equipped with diesel powered engines that exceed EPA regulations and are 100% highway legal.

Light Towers

Our models are equipped with four or six 1000-watt Metal Halide lamps providing 5-7 acres or 8-10 acres of lighting coverage, respectively. Masts extend up to 30-32ft in height and rotate 360 degrees. Lamps are easily adjusted to shine in multiple directions. When the outriggers are used, units are rated to withstand winds of up to 65-75mph. Standard units (6,600 watts) have a 30-gallon fuel tank allowing for up to 80 hours of run time, while larger units (20,000 watts) are equipped with a 100 gallon fuel tank enabling up to 60 hours of run time between refueling. Units come with one or two 120V GFCI protected outlet as well as one or two 30 amp 120/240V Twist Lock Receptacle to power auxiliary equipment. Units are also available with Glo Bug Balloon Light diffusers.